Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's that time of the month........

Daddy was out to the store, and I was talking to a friend on the phone. We were talking about how miserable it is. I said ...'I want chocolate.....and a spanking.' She said, 'Tell your Daddy'. I told her he was at the store and I would when he got home.

When Daddy got home he had armloads of bags. And he produced:

 (there was 3 but I ate 1 :-P Raspberry filling - yummy!)    

And he produced:

(Bruster's Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - to DIE for! If there's one near you, you have to check it out)

So I kissed him and thanked him and said, "Daddy, can I have a spankin' please?" And he smiled and said, "Yes, little girl, c'mon." We went upstairs and he did things with my clothes, and laid me down on the bed, rubbed my back and bottom, then said to wait there. He went and gathered some toys, sat on the bed and patted his lap, and I laid across his lap, and he rotated through his hand (lots of yummy hand spankin's!) and these toys and we talked about our favorite cartoons from when we were little till now:

For 90 minutes 

(then I had to go back to work - booger!)


Nuf said..... except


It really was a delightful afternoon full of pleasure, fun and creamy chocolate.  To watch my babygirl floating on the wings of true contentment... It was indeed a vision of loveliness.  Her bottom turned a most beautiful shade of pink, and her contented sighs and sounds satisfied my soul... A very yummy afternoon indeed!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stress Relief

His China Doll
I am prone to migraines. I had one for three days. Daddy was worried. He says I get too many, and I may need to see a doctor. I disputed this and he just smiled sagely.

We do dailies, but none of them had seemed to cut through the headache haze. At bedtime we were all cuddled up and chatting. After a good while, Daddy said, "Well, before we get too much sleepier, I think it's time for me to give my little girl a good spanking." Well, that made an involuntary scrunchy face appear because a 'good' spanking is a harder than usual spanking and sometimes they make me cry. Daddy smiled and asked what that was about. I shook my head and whispered no, and my pouty lip poked out. Daddy kissed my lip and swung up off the bed, approaching the closet and opening the toy chest and musing, "Let's see what I should spank you with..." I heard him rummaging around but my eyes were closed, partly because I was light sensitive, and partly because I was tired, and partly because I was afraid of what I'd see come out of the box.

Daddy came back and tossed the toys on the bed, and curled up next to me, kissing along my cheek and jaw, then whispered, "Roll onto your tummy, little one." I shook my head very small, and Daddy said again, firmer, "I said roll onto your tummy." I cracked my eyes and saw that he had his serious Daddy face on, so I rolled over with a soft little sigh, and rested my forehead on my folded arms. Daddy wrapped his arm over my back and placed his hand by my hip so I could grab it when I needed to.

He started spanking with his hand, over my panties, talking softly, telling me that I had been a bit 'crunchy' that day, he knows that it was probably because I didn't feel very well, but he was going to take care of that. His fingers hooked under the band of my panties and he slid them down, proclaimed me nice and rosy, rubbed a few minutes, asked if it felt nice and then began again with his hand, very firmly. I'm not allowed to clench or tense my bottom or legs during a spanking, but when it gets hard, I will tense my arms and torso, and reach back and sqeeze his hand while pressing it to my side. Last night his hand almost brought me there, I found myself fighting back the wiggles and the tensing.

Then he brought out the padauk spanking stick - ugh! That hurts! And there is some weird small comfort when only one cheek is impacted at a time, but the stick is long, about 2 feet, and it impacts both cheeks with precision. Daddy said later he knew I didn't enjoy it because I reacted right away to it. No kicking, no clenching, no wiggling, but boy I wanted to! It just went on and on with not many breaks. Daddy asked me a question, but I couldn't answer because I was crying. He said, "Oh, not much to say?" and resumed spanking even harder. Soon he saw that I was crying and crooned soothingly that he had me, it was okay, he kissed my hips and my back, paused to rub and then resumed, assuring me that I was his good girl and there was just a bit more to go.

Finally he stopped, and laid next to me. Holding me tight and kissing me, whispering in my ear for a long time, till I turned my face to his chest and stopped crying. He whispered, "Are you ready for your strapping?" and I nodded. He kissed me again, and laid his arm across my back, starting softly, eventually rising, the pain disappearing into that lovely haze, the strokes getting much harder, I knew because I could feel myself rocking on the bed. Then suddenly that lovely thump on my back, that soft sting and deep thud, then my bottom again, and down my thighs and calves softly, ending again on my bottom. I drifted along, sometimes feeling the rocking, sometimes hearing how loud the strap was and not caring in the least.

And then.....a blessed release, the tightness in my neck and back not only disappeared, but that lovely soft, tickly, relaxed feeling started seeping through my body from those points that had been the center of pain for three days. I was vaguely aware of Daddy putting the toys away, and then rubbing coconut oil into my bottom. Then he slid beside me, all strong and warm, and I slid against him, magnet to magnet, my ear against his heartbeat, and my fingers against his face. I kissed him and murmured, "Thank you, Daddy," and fell asleep in his arms.

This morning? Still headache free.


 Her Guardian:  

I worry sometimes, I guess that doesen't make me unique, but my CD often suffers from stress headaches and migranes. It happens at an often enough frequency that sometimes I think that maybe she ought to see a doctor.  Other times  I can see the signs. The way she moves, the way she responds. Sometimes nothing clears those headaches away but a good firm spanking (She will probably stick her tongue out at me.) Sometimes just cuddling, sometimes talking, sometimes concentrated pleasure...these are the keys to a good night's rest.  I love that peaceful space between waking and sleeping...That soft, sleepy place where love is abundant... that is one of our treasures.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Morning Fun :)

His China Doll:
When we woke up this morning, after last night's incredible, dreamy, floaty playtime, Daddy woke me with kisses and I cuddled into him. We were lazy for a while, just dozing and touching and loving. As we slowly came awake, Daddy and I were talking, and I, deep in thought and considering an answer, rolled onto my tummy and was swinging my feet. Daddy soon started rubbing, and I closed my eyes. After a bit he stopped and got up, to get the coconut oil, I thought, since somewhere in the night I had pushed the hairbrush at him and rolled onto my tummy, and he had not applied lotion after that spanking.

The next thing I know, Daddy is sitting beside me, arm across my back and I feel the delicious stingy thud of my favorite strap. Daddy said, "Your bottom just looked so pale and lonely I had to fix that." I smile into my arm and then hiss momentarily as it wraps around my hip, then between my thighs. But within a few minutes, it was back to yummy floatiness...way out in the stratosphere. At some point I came up onto my knees for him, chest pressed low to the bed and I heard him say with pleasure, "You're presented so prettily for me."

Daddy was playing with his kitty and bottom again as he spanked. Suddenly I was aware of the absence of his fingers in side and whined softly. Daddy ran his hands up my legs, over my bottom, up my back and whispered, "On your back, little one." With great effort, and limbs moving through mud, I complied. Daddy nuzzled between my thighs. He alternated, licking, sucking, and swatting thighs and kitty with the strap. He finished with the buzzy toy, and finally with me limp and panting, Daddy crawled up my body, pinned my hands over my head, kissed me, smiled and said, "Good morning, little one."

Her Guardian:

When the morning light shines on her, and I see her slumbering softly, it touches a place deep inside my heart.  Needless to say it stokes the fires of love.  Her beautiful gift of submission excites me, and it's always a sure sign of a beautiful day when we start it this way!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Day Eve Festivities

China Doll:

We had an unexpected evening to ourselves and Daddy decided to take full advantage of it. After our children were on their way to a sleepover we were snuggling on the sofa and Daddy whispered into my ear to go my my favorite strap - the one that zones me completely out and makes me a very happy girl, another toy of my choosing, the jeweled plug and the lube.

I gathered all the toys, taking time to consider what the other toy should be, one of my choosing as he said, or one of Daddy's favorites. I decided that he might be very, very pleased if I choose one of his favorites, so I did. I came downstairs and handed all the items to him. He remarked on the choice of the second implement, saying, "It wasn't a test, you could have chosen anything,"  but there was an appreciative twinkle in his eyes.

I started to sit to snuggle into him again, but he said, "Stand up" and when I did he pulled down my yoga pants, then considered my panties, and said, "No, these can come down, too." He slid them down my legs and I stepped out of them and stood beside him waiting. He directed me over his lap, with some pillows under my head, and started Oz The Great and Powerful. How in the world is a little girl supposed to concentrate on the movie when her Daddy is rubbing her bottom, stroking his kitty and playing with her bottom-hole? I remember him whispering at the part where Oz finds China Doll, "Here is my own little China Doll." I smiled and whispered, "You fixed my broken parts." He smiled and crooned, "I love you and I would never hurt you."

After a long time, the movie still playing but totally forgotten, Daddy started spanking with his hand. I love when he touches me, and I love the feel of his hands warm on my bottom, the way his hand covers a whole cheek and wraps around, spanking and caressing at the same time. One hand spanked and one hand explored what belongs to him. Daddy squeezed some lube onto the plug, and as he touched it to my bottom, said, "This may make you feel very full, little one." And it did even more when he slid four fingers inside his kitty. Then Daddy picked up his favorite toy, which is very stingy and owie for little girls, but Daddy's like that it makes a clear message. Then Daddy said it was time to change positions.

He pulled the ottoman up to the sofa and wheel-barrowed me, my legs astride him, my bottom on his lap, my chest and head on the ottoman. Daddy made me blush when he said he loved how well I was presented for him, and continued his work. He spanked for a while with his hand, then the owie thing, then .... my favorite toy. Daddy was swinging very hard by now, he said it made me nice and juicy. It hurt for a few minutes, then the toy worked it's magic, and it fell without hurting and started pushing me to that magic place. I could feel it impact, I could feel my body moving under the impact of it, all I felt was that delicious weight of it, like a caress, and I wanted more and more and more.

I was floating for a very long time, when Daddy decided it was time to finish, and I heard the buzz of my buzzy toy, Daddy simply touched me and I exploded. Daddy let me stay there for a while, telling me to relax and breathe. When he told me to get up, I could only slide to the floor beside him and lay my head on his knee. He patted and rubbed and stroked and crooned for a long time. Then helped me up and then upstairs.

He laid me on our bed and said he would be right back. And I laid with my head on my arms and waited. Daddy came back and crawled up next to me and pulled me into his arms, stroking and rubbing, then he whispered, "It's your turn, little girl." I smiled and slid down his body and between his legs and drew my tongue slowly up the back of his cock, enjoying the taste of him. I flicked my tongue over the head and enjoyed his sharp little intake of breath. I closed my lips over him and slid down the length of him, feeling his pleasured moan vibrate all through my body. I have a little trick I do, if we're out somewhere and Daddy touches a finger to my lip and I suck in his finger and do the trick Daddy can't stand up for a while because it's what I do to his cock. When I started Daddy cried out, then fell into murmurs of what a good girl I was and how well I take care of him, and I felt him grow longer and harder in my mouth.

Soon Daddy began to pulsate and I maintained my pace, prolonging his pleasure, till his breath caught, and his cock stopped pulsing, hard and long in that moment right before he releases. I milked all that he had to give, softly suckling, until he grew soft. Then began again and felt him grow hard again. After a while, Daddy pushed his finger between my lips and his hand between my face and his body, and I reluctantly let him go and pouted at the loss, till he pulled me into his arms, and we snuggled each other into dreams.

When we woke up........ well that's a story for another day :)


It was one of the very best evenings that we could have hoped for.  An unexpected chance to reaffirm our love and give each other the attention that we have needed to give each other. It started over my lap, with the movie playing and somehow being lost in the background.  With such a sweet, soft expression of love, who has time for a movie?  Bathing in the light of her adoration, love, kindness and submission. I called to her body sweetly and was answered in  kind.  The soft-sweet taste of her lips lingers and I am filled with the joy and pride of ownership and a longing to rededicate myself to my darling little one.

It was a beautifully expressive night and those firm expressions of love and unity only serve to make our bond closer stronger, brighter.  I wonder,  Would it blow some people's minds to know that this was discipline, and that it was indeed succulent, delicious, empowering and even fun? Perhaps I will ponder these things and post on them another day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to Our Starry Night

China Doll:
I am China Doll. I am a submissive little girl, and slave to my Daddy, Guardian. He is my heart, the love of my life, my Dominant, my Master, and my Daddy. He is every bit as big and as fierce as he is pictured, and every bit as gentle with me.

When we decided to blog, as he is my Master as well as my Daddy, I requested that he gift me with the name that I would use here. He choose China Doll, because I am small, delicate and fragile. This has another more poignant meaning for me as well. If you have seen Oz the Great and Powerful you understand that when the wizard found China Doll she was inextricably broken, but he made her whole. Daddy found me broken beyond all repair, I had given up on... everything. He has slowly made me whole.

It is my honor to be owned by him, and my honor to be in service to him, and to share my life with him. This will be the story of our journey. We look forward to meeting some like minded souls. We wish you peace.

The Guardian:

I am China Doll's Guardian. I am a Daddy, a dominant and every single day I have the blessing and privilege to wake up to my China Doll and guard and steward her heart. I very much look forward to interacting with each and everybody here, as well as answering questions and really getting to the heart of what Dominance and Submission means to me and my little girl.

On the beautiful bright day that I met my China Doll, I discovered someone who had been hurt badly by the people in her life who should have cherished her the most.  I have had the honor and blessing to not only call her mine, but to see her blossom and grow into a stronger, more confident person.   As much as she will tell you I made her whole, she completes me and helps me grow as well.

It is a true honor to own her, it is a true pleasure to offer her reciprocity, grace, love and kind dominance every single day.  I thrive on her support, her obedience, her faith, her love, and her confidence. She is my inspiration, my reason, my love, my everything.