Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Day Eve Festivities

China Doll:

We had an unexpected evening to ourselves and Daddy decided to take full advantage of it. After our children were on their way to a sleepover we were snuggling on the sofa and Daddy whispered into my ear to go my my favorite strap - the one that zones me completely out and makes me a very happy girl, another toy of my choosing, the jeweled plug and the lube.

I gathered all the toys, taking time to consider what the other toy should be, one of my choosing as he said, or one of Daddy's favorites. I decided that he might be very, very pleased if I choose one of his favorites, so I did. I came downstairs and handed all the items to him. He remarked on the choice of the second implement, saying, "It wasn't a test, you could have chosen anything,"  but there was an appreciative twinkle in his eyes.

I started to sit to snuggle into him again, but he said, "Stand up" and when I did he pulled down my yoga pants, then considered my panties, and said, "No, these can come down, too." He slid them down my legs and I stepped out of them and stood beside him waiting. He directed me over his lap, with some pillows under my head, and started Oz The Great and Powerful. How in the world is a little girl supposed to concentrate on the movie when her Daddy is rubbing her bottom, stroking his kitty and playing with her bottom-hole? I remember him whispering at the part where Oz finds China Doll, "Here is my own little China Doll." I smiled and whispered, "You fixed my broken parts." He smiled and crooned, "I love you and I would never hurt you."

After a long time, the movie still playing but totally forgotten, Daddy started spanking with his hand. I love when he touches me, and I love the feel of his hands warm on my bottom, the way his hand covers a whole cheek and wraps around, spanking and caressing at the same time. One hand spanked and one hand explored what belongs to him. Daddy squeezed some lube onto the plug, and as he touched it to my bottom, said, "This may make you feel very full, little one." And it did even more when he slid four fingers inside his kitty. Then Daddy picked up his favorite toy, which is very stingy and owie for little girls, but Daddy's like that it makes a clear message. Then Daddy said it was time to change positions.

He pulled the ottoman up to the sofa and wheel-barrowed me, my legs astride him, my bottom on his lap, my chest and head on the ottoman. Daddy made me blush when he said he loved how well I was presented for him, and continued his work. He spanked for a while with his hand, then the owie thing, then .... my favorite toy. Daddy was swinging very hard by now, he said it made me nice and juicy. It hurt for a few minutes, then the toy worked it's magic, and it fell without hurting and started pushing me to that magic place. I could feel it impact, I could feel my body moving under the impact of it, all I felt was that delicious weight of it, like a caress, and I wanted more and more and more.

I was floating for a very long time, when Daddy decided it was time to finish, and I heard the buzz of my buzzy toy, Daddy simply touched me and I exploded. Daddy let me stay there for a while, telling me to relax and breathe. When he told me to get up, I could only slide to the floor beside him and lay my head on his knee. He patted and rubbed and stroked and crooned for a long time. Then helped me up and then upstairs.

He laid me on our bed and said he would be right back. And I laid with my head on my arms and waited. Daddy came back and crawled up next to me and pulled me into his arms, stroking and rubbing, then he whispered, "It's your turn, little girl." I smiled and slid down his body and between his legs and drew my tongue slowly up the back of his cock, enjoying the taste of him. I flicked my tongue over the head and enjoyed his sharp little intake of breath. I closed my lips over him and slid down the length of him, feeling his pleasured moan vibrate all through my body. I have a little trick I do, if we're out somewhere and Daddy touches a finger to my lip and I suck in his finger and do the trick Daddy can't stand up for a while because it's what I do to his cock. When I started Daddy cried out, then fell into murmurs of what a good girl I was and how well I take care of him, and I felt him grow longer and harder in my mouth.

Soon Daddy began to pulsate and I maintained my pace, prolonging his pleasure, till his breath caught, and his cock stopped pulsing, hard and long in that moment right before he releases. I milked all that he had to give, softly suckling, until he grew soft. Then began again and felt him grow hard again. After a while, Daddy pushed his finger between my lips and his hand between my face and his body, and I reluctantly let him go and pouted at the loss, till he pulled me into his arms, and we snuggled each other into dreams.

When we woke up........ well that's a story for another day :)


It was one of the very best evenings that we could have hoped for.  An unexpected chance to reaffirm our love and give each other the attention that we have needed to give each other. It started over my lap, with the movie playing and somehow being lost in the background.  With such a sweet, soft expression of love, who has time for a movie?  Bathing in the light of her adoration, love, kindness and submission. I called to her body sweetly and was answered in  kind.  The soft-sweet taste of her lips lingers and I am filled with the joy and pride of ownership and a longing to rededicate myself to my darling little one.

It was a beautifully expressive night and those firm expressions of love and unity only serve to make our bond closer stronger, brighter.  I wonder,  Would it blow some people's minds to know that this was discipline, and that it was indeed succulent, delicious, empowering and even fun? Perhaps I will ponder these things and post on them another day.


  1. Love this! Those times without distraction can be hard to come happy you two got some time to focus on each other and just be you!

    Oh and did I mention...YUM!

    big big hugs!

    1. It was very yum indeed, bg, and having the time to focus on each other was phenomenal. No distractions at all, once the strap comes out it's all inward focus ;-p

      His China Doll

  2. Isn't it just wonderful when the kids have a night out? We finally got a night of our own too this past weekend! Both of our oldest were invited to sleepovers!
    For us, that means we can be as loud as we want :)

    I don't think I could possibly concentrate on anything during any of that playtime. Sounds lovely! You must have had a nice morning as well.

    1. You're not kidding, Callami, The toys are loud, but I never am....Daddy on the other hand does get a bit vocal, lol. No, there is nothing but the floatiness and the thud of the strap and the rocking rhythm my body finds under the impact of Daddy's ministrations....delicious!

      His China Doll

  3. Oh what a fabulous night...and you were both so pleasured and pleased.

    Thrilled to have found your blog :)